2 E. Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach
Currently: Atlantic Avenue Yacht Club
Nestled within the vibrant neighborhood along Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, FL, this commercial property presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses seeking a strategic location. The surrounding dynamic environment, featuring boutique shops and cultural attractions, provides businesses with the opportunity to integrate into the local community.
11 S. Swinton Ave, Delray Beach
Currently: Revest LLC, Pivotal Funds, Host Building Group LLC
This office suite workspace offers a dynamic and professional environment for contemporary work needs. The suite features a sleek and modern design, providing a sophisticated backdrop for productivity as well as being located a short distance from the beautiful Delray Beach.
Photo: Adam Fagen (Flickr)
5 S.E. 2nd Ave, Delray Beach
Currently: RACKS Fish & Oyster Bar
Situated in close proximity to the bustling center of foot traffic in Delray Beach, this commercial property offers a prime location that effortlessly attracts the attention of the people who pass by daily. The prime location along and proximity to the surrounding sights and attractions make this property the perfect option for many businesses.
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203-209 E. Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach
Currently: Farmhouse Kitchen, Starbucks, Sunglass Hut
This property finds itself amidst many other thriving businesses and boasts a large amount of impressions and foot traffic on a daily basis. From retail shops to franchise cafés, these commercial buildings are placed in a strategic area for all to pass by in Downtown Delray Beach's "The Ave".
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9-15 N.E. 2nd Ave, Delray Beach
Currently: El Camino Delray, Brendy's Ice Cream & Yogurt
Upon entering the Pineapple Grove Arts District of Delray Beach, these commercial properties are the first in sight. Located in the an artistic, eclectic and culturally rich neighborhood, businesses can expect to see a wide variety of both Florida tourists as well as local residents.